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New Moon Healing Circle

8pm UK, 12 noon PT, 3pm ET

  • The New Moon is a potent time of new beginnings, join this circle of like hearted Souls to amplify the energy of your intentions

  • Use the abundant energy of the New Moon to bring your desires into manifestation, use it for your healing and transformation

  • Join a community of female awakeners, raise your frequency and bring forward your Soul's guidance

  • Don't let this opportunity pass you by.... the energy is abundant at the New Moon, leverage it by joining a sacred circle to fuel your evolution and healing journey

  • These monthly circles are my gift to you, there is no charge but spaces are limited

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The Moon and her mysteriously palpable and influential energy must not be overlooked. The Moon’s pull affects the ocean’s tides, the growth of crops, the collective subconscious, and perhaps most importantly, our emotions. 

The New Moon is a powerful time of new beginnings, the invitation is presented for you to work with the cycles of nature and fuel your intentions for the coming month.

In this circle we harness this energy and use it for our further evolution, to go deeper into our Soul's journey.


"In presence there is awe... thank you so much for tonight, my headache has dissolved and the day looks brighter"

Anna J.

Stevenage, England

"You're a natural Samantha, that was magical"

Sarah F.

Brighton, England

"I could really feel the group! Thank you, I feel better knowing the month's energy forecast with the gift of the healing tonight"

Gena H.

London, England

New Moon Dates 2023

  • March 21 Aries

  • 2023’s new moon in Aries delivers a burst of momentum to your personal projects and passions.

    Forget being wishy-washy; allow yourself to fire on all cylinders!

  • April 20 Aries

  • A rare second Aries new moon and also a potent solar eclipse promises high yields for ventures you start on this day.

  • May 19 Taurus

  • Come back to your senses as the year’s only new moon in Taurus focuses our attention on the physical and material world. Get back into your body. Slow down and savor the pleasures that you might normally rush right through.

  • June 18 Gemini

  • Perceive, write, communicate, journal! A few days before the Solstice, this New Moon is supercharged. 

  • July 17 Cancer

  • Who are the stars of your innermost circle? It’s easy to take those unwavering supporters for granted, but on this day, treat them like VIPs.

    Feeling drained from too much giving? Turn up the volume on self-care and begin a practice of saying “no” to requests that are certain to exhaust you.

  • August 16 Leo

  • A fresh start to your creative and romantic endeavors arrives with this Leo lunar lift.

    Do one thing to put your talents on display or draw attention to your gifts.

    Generate more fun for yourself, even if you’re busy.  

  • September 14 Virgo

  • If it’s time for a life edit, you’re in luck. The make-better vibes come flooding in with this new moon in Virgo. Think about how you nurture and fuel yourself and get organising.

  • October 14 Libra

  • This new moon in Libra is also a potent solar eclipse—the first one to land in this sign since 2016! And it supercharges a six-month window that will refresh and rewire relationships.

    With the moon and mindful Mercury making contact, it can help to write down the qualities and capabilities of the person you’d like to attract.

  • November 13 Scorpio

  • 2023’s only Scorpio new moon opens a new chapter for all of your investments: emotional, spiritual and financial.

    A bond that begins on this day could develop into a deep soul connection over the next six months.

  • December 12 Sagittarius

  • The year’s only new moon in visionary Sagittarius nudges you out of the safety zone. Get ready for a bold entry into uncharted terrain or to take a supersized leap of faith.

  • January 11 Capricorn

  • This new moon revitalizes your relationship with your goals, your desires, and the career path you most deeply wish to bring into your life.

  • February 9 Aquarius

  • Aquarius is all about future ideas, technologies, and revolutionary changes that bring us together as people.

    During a New Moon in Aquarius, manifestation is particularly favorable, as your mind naturally gravitates towards ideas about the future.